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Silk Screen Printing

You have probably come across viral videos online of screen printing, where ink is forced onto the material through a custom-made mesh screen. Screen printing is also called silkscreen printing. As in ancient times, silk screens were used instead of synthetic threads that are used nowadays. A blocking stencil prevents color deposition in other spaces by making it impermeable to the ink.

Only a single color can be printed on one layer, while multi-colored prints require several layers of screen printing with different stencils. This technique of printing is highly versatile as it can be used for a wide variety of materials. What makes screen printing a prevalent method of printing is its cost-effectiveness and easy availability.


Difference of printing

Silk Screen Printing

PAO Thermo Mug Ultra 2.0


Product Photo
Custom order price range

HKD 86.06 - 199 /pc

USD 10.96 - 25.35 /pc

Listed Prices are for reference only. The actual price is determined by order quantity, printing option, and packaging. Please fill order quantity to check the actual price.


Difference of printing

Silk Screen Printing


Silk Screen Printing 1 color(s) artwork
On 1 position(s)
(16.10 cm X 21.04 cm)

Silk Screen Printing 2 color(s) artwork
On 1 position(s)
(16.10 cm X 21.04 cm)


color box

Product Details

PAO Thermo Mug Ultra 2.0 (Model No.: MB-PO-00037)

A two-way tea-leaf compartment - Brew and Filter - allows you to choose how long to brew your tea by a simple flip mechanism that separates the leaves from the tea, preventing the bitter taste of over-brewing. The lid infuser can be used as a filter when steeping floral tea or fruit tea with more tea ingredients. This clever design makes it easy to keep your freshly brewed tea in the mug, without any unwanted bits and pieces.

Product Information

Size:8.60 x 8.60 x 22.90 (CM)

Material:304 stainless steel + silica gel + PP

Basic Packaging: color box

Other Information:

Packing Information

Mass : 37.00 X 51.00 X 27.00 (CM)

Carton Box : 24 PCS / Carton Box

Inner Box : 1 QTY / Inner Box

Gross Weight : 9.40 KGS/Carton Box

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