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Laser Engraving

It is quite hard to print on rigid and slippery surfaces that do not hold ink well. In such cases, laser engraving is the way to go. It can be used for various materials like stainless steel, wooden surfaces, knives, glassware, etc. Instead of an engraving tool or colored ink, laser beams are used in this method of printing.

A laser engraving machine shoots a laser beam on the surface of the object. This laser beam is highly focused and hot enough to vaporize the material, engraving the design on the surface by creating a cavity. Laser Etching melts the material wherever the hot beam falls. The melted material bubbles or foams up to create a raised design. Although not colorful, these designs are permanent and durable.


Difference of printing

Laser Engraving

Stainless steel vacuum flask


Product Photo
Custom order price range

HKD 36.99 - 74.3 /pc

USD 4.71 - 9.46 /pc

Listed Prices are for reference only. The actual price is determined by order quantity, printing option, and packaging. Please fill order quantity to check the actual price.


Difference of printing

Laser Engraving


Laser Engraving 1 color(s) artwork
On 1 position(s)
(3.00 cm X 5.00 cm)


white box

Product Details

Stainless steel vacuum flask (Model No.: MC-TB-00570)

304 stainless steel inside and outside
Insulation performance 6-12 hours

Product Information


Material:Stainless steel

Basic Packaging: white box

Other Information:

Packing Information

Mass : 49.00 X 39.00 X 39.00 (CM)

Carton Box : 50 PCS / Carton Box

Inner Box : 1 QTY / Inner Box

Gross Weight : 18.00 KGS/Carton Box

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