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Improving the daily lives of both guests and staff, by growing plants in the workspace: Guldsmeden Hotels

2024-04-05 13:55:30203


Guldsmeden Hotels is a nouveau-Bohemian, Danish-owned sustainable boutique hotel group, with properties in Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Germany, France, and Indonesia.

SproutWorld pencils engraved with hotel logo and “Plant me!” message, accompanied by a postcard explaining the pencil’s second life concept to guests.

We were looking for a solution with as little negative impact as possible. In particular, we were focused on finding a product that would not contribute to our general waste with problematic components.

Pencils are distributed in all guest rooms and are given out to meeting and conference guests.



Sustainability is a key driver at Guldsmeden Hotels, known for their luxurious surroundings, great service, and delicious food.

Founded by Sandra and Marc Weinert in Århus, Denmark in 1999, Guldsmeden Hotels has been working with sustainability since the beginning. Guided by their own sustainable values, the couple have embedded this passion into running the hotel group. It’s something they take great pride in. “It is what drives us to not be afraid to learn new things and evolve our efforts continuously.”

It's clearly been a recipe for success as the nouveau-Bohemian, sustainable boutique hotel group has grown to eight hotels, a rental villa in France, and a luxury resort in Bali. Recently, all Guldsmeden properties switched to using customized SproutWorld pencils in their 900+ rooms, and as part of their meeting and conference packs.